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Worldwide Shipping Management (S) Pte Ltd

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The Company, Worldwide Shipping Management (S) Pte Ltd, Singapore was formed with the main intentions of going into the field of Management and Manning the supply of Competent Officers and well Experienced Crew from India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, to our clients in Far East region, Middle east and then expanding Worldwide. Along with that we have the foresight of Expanding our Fleet to acquire new ships for our own trading, Especially to emphasize more on Container transhipment by having feeder vessels and doing feeder services in the Far East and Asia region.


To become a highly successful Management Group of companies, by way of providing all the necessities that are required in the Shipping business both in Singapore and Internationally, and to become one of the best And top Crew Management agency in the Far East region and in the World.


To enhance the quality and quantity of the shipping world in Singapore and to be of the same or higher standard as that of the international shipping groups without violating the prevailing norms and international shipping laws.