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Worldwide Shipping Management (S) Pte Ltd

Tel: + 65 6407 1306 + 65 6407 1307 + 65 6407 1308 Fax: + 65 6407 1501

Our Organisation

World Wide Shipping Management(s) is a ship management organisation responsible for the operational, financial and crew management of the fleet managed, offering flexibility and excellent performance relying on its well-trained, experienced and motivated personnel. wwsm(s) has a reputation of a reliable partner and a trustworthy payer.

We also have the vision of expanding our fleet and acquiring new ships for our own trading, especially to emphasize more on container transshipment by having feeder vessels and doing feeder services in the Far East and Asia region.

World Wide Shipping Management(s) is managed by a team of highy skilled experienced and dedicated professionals with many years of shipping background and operational expertise to handle the most complex international shipping operations. With the appointment of our Operational Director, Capt Mohammed.S.K., we now cater to the needs of our vast clientele worldwide, manning all sorts of vessels from tankers, containers, dry cargo, chemical tankers, supply vessels, A.H.T.S and a large number of ship deliveries.

In conjunction with our manning partners, we provide comprehensive crew management solutions as per requirements. We are experienced in recruiting well qualified officers and highly skilled crew from India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, and providing them to our clients in the Far East region, Middle East, Europe and many more.

Our crew selection also includes well trained chefs with the appropriate skills who have obtained their certificates from recognized & reputed culinary colleges. In addition to that, they have also fulfilled the basic compliance of STCW 95, thus making them eligible to work on board.

Our international network of overseas partners, have been hand selected over many years to provide the same high standard of service and competitiveness. Which means you can be confident that whatever the task, it will be handled with total realibility. Driven to exceed the expectations of our customers, we take the priorities of our customers as our very own by providing safe and cost effective management of the ships - harmoniously working in partnership with our customer.


We provide a highly comprehensive range of services, including:

  •  Ship deliveries - Worldwide / spare parts of any kind can be procured.
  •  Shipbrokers / Ship chartering.
  •  Dry docking and repairs of vessels.
  •  Technical managements of vessels.
  •  Ship Stores/ Provisions.
  •  Bunkers / Fresh water [ WorldWide supply at the lowest rates ]
  •  Liner Service Between Singapore / Malaysia / Colombo / Maldives.